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Hometown Monuments

Hometown Monuments

No Hassle Guarantee

Unlike other monument retailers in our area, our promise is to offer a relaxed, pressure and gimmick free environment to discuss all of the options available.  Once this information is provided and all questions are answered, you will not hear from us again, unless you request more information.  We do not believe in cold calling families who have experienced a loss nor do we believe in high pressure sales.  

Our Exclusive 10% Discount

Our Exclusive 10% Discount

Because of our long standing relationship with our monument provider, Derrick Monument Co., of LeRoy, we are pleased to be able to offer families that purchase a monument through us a 10% discount off the cost of the granite.  Should you choose to work with Derrick Monument directly, you are still eligible for the 10% savings by mentioning the funeral home name.  

We offer a wide variety of monuments to meet any style and budget.  We will work together with you to create the perfect monument for you or your loved one.  To obtain more information regarding a monument or simply to gather ideas, please email or call us and a funeral director will discuss all of the options.

Grass Markers

Grass markers are available in every granite color option and when installed are generally flush with the ground.  Some cemeteries require grass markers for ease of maintenance so the markers can be mowed over rather than needing to be trimmed individually.  Below are just a couple of examples.

Bevel Markers

Bevel markers are available in all color choices and are also available in several size options.  Bevels are similar to grass markers, however they are raised well above ground level.  Below is an example of a bevel marker.

Slant Style Monuments

Slant markers are very common in our area and are available in all color choices.  Slant markers can be either placed directly onto the concrete foundation in the cemetery or on a granite base to raise the marker itself up off the ground.  Below, you will find a few examples of slant and slant on base markers. Shown below are slant marker options in various color, design, and size choices. 

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are perhaps the most easily recognized in cemeteries.  Just as the name describes, they are positioned on a granite base are are upright at a 90° angle.  They are available in all color choices and in a variety of sizes.  Below, you will see a few examples of upright monuments.

Upright monuments offer families the ability to totally customize their shape, color, design, and more.  These are just a few examples of upright monuments we have assisted families with over the years.

Other Options

Cemetery memorials do not have to be in the form of a granite marker.  Options include Bronze Plaques, Granite Benches, Lawn Crypts, Private Mausoleums, Personal Colombariums, and others.  Below are a couple examples.