Payment Options

To lose someone you love is a devastating human experience.  It is frequently traumatic and can seriously impact judgment.  We believe in the importance of the recognition and meaningful celebration of a life that has been lived and will assist in arranging an appropriate service to meet your individual needs.

It is also important to be realistic in respect to funeral expenditures.  We do not want a family to spend more than they are able nor less than they would like.  What is important is that arrangements be in keeping with a family's wishes and budget.  Our payment policy is that provisions for payment be made at the time of arrangements.

For your convenience, we gladly accept the following forms of payment:







Verifiable Insurance Assignment*

Pre-Need Advance Funding

If you wish to learn more about Life Insurance as a payment option, please click here.

*Due to the nature of Cash Advance Items, these items cannot be charged to a credit card or assigned to an insurance policy.