County Burial Assistance

Families who meet certain criteria may be eligible for burial assistance from the deceased's county of residence.

Here you will find information regarding the criteria needed to qualify as well as our funeral home burial policy when assistance is provided by the Department of Social Services. 

Generally speaking, for the deceased to be considered eligible for assistance, he or she will have needed to have no assets of their own.  These include:

  • Real Property
  • Automotive Property
  • Bank Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Stocks, Bonds, or other Investments

Depending on the values of these assets upon the date of death, monetary awards may be diminished or denied due to assets valuing in excess of the county award.  The award varies from county to county. In Genesee County, the following amounts are awarded:

  • Funeral Expense Allowance: $1,802.00
  • Burial Vault Allowance: $550.00
  • Cemetery/Crematory Allowance: $500.00
  • Maximum County Allowance: $2,852.00

The county also allows families receiving assistance to contribute a maximum of $950.00 of their own funds toward the funeral expense. 

Our Burial Policy

In consideration of the allocation of funds paid to the funeral home, as per Genesee County Resolution effective January 1, 2013, we will provide the following services and merchandise:

Basic Funeral Allowance ($1802.00)
  1. Arrangement Conference to secure vital statistics and obituary information.
  2. Coordination of the following personnel or services as needed: clergy, cemetery, newspaper, and governmental agencies.
  3. Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home.
  4. Embalming if requested and authorized by the family.
  5. Transportation to a cemetery within Genesee County (Additional charges may apply outside Genesee County) or to the crematory of the funeral home's choosing.
  6. Supervision of funeral services or graveside services (Procession from place of service to cemetery is optional and will result in an additional fee).
  7. Use of funeral home for services only (see below for limitations); (Visiting hours are available at an additional cost).
  8. Based on the selection of disposition (ie: burial or cremation) one of the following will be provided:
  • An Apollo, 20 ga. steel, non-gasketed casket by Batesville Casket Company. OR
  • A Mountain Oak Rental Casket, made of solid oak by Traditional Funeral Products with a Cremation Insert if services are desired prior to cremation (if available).  In the event the Mountain Oak is unavailable, The Wesley by Matthew's Casket Co. may be substituted with the family's approval. (The Wesley may be selected in place of the Mountain Oak at any time by the family.) OR
  • A Cremation Container (unfinished) as minimally required by the crematory.  Available ONLY if services are NOT requested prior to cremation.

Burial Vault Allowance ($550.00)

An Oneida grave liner by Doric of WNY as minimally required by the cemetery, with minimal cemetery equipment consisting of a lowering device and placer ONLY will be supplied for Earth Burial. (Additional Cemetery Equipment is available at an additional cost).

Cemetery/Crematory Allowance ($500.00)

Genesee County Department of Social Services allows only $500.00 for total cemetery/crematory costs. Excess cemetery/crematory costs must be paid by the family directly to the cemetery and/or crematory prior to the funeral service. Cemetery policies dictate that charges be paid in full, prior to burial or cremation. There are NO exceptions.

Private Contributions (Maximum of $950.00)
Mandatory Family Contributions:
  1. Clergy Honorarium in the amount of $100.00, or the amount required by the selected clergy person must be paid directly to the clergy.
  2. Any applicable fees associated with holding a funeral service at a place other than the funeral home (ie: mass fees, organist, custodian, etc.).
  3. Families selecting Earth Burial will be required to contribute $50.00 for the burial vault.

Optional Family Contributions:
  1. Costs incurred for all obituary notices (ie: The Daily News, Democrat & Chronicle, The Buffalo News, etc.).
  2. Certified copies of the Death Certificate ($10 each in Genesee, Wyoming, Orleans, Erie, and Niagara Counties.  $30 each in Monroe County).
  3. Hairdresser - $60.00
  4. Calling Hours charged per hour or part thereof - $100
  5. Memorial Merchandise:
    - Register Book - $50.00
    - Prayer Cards (per 100) - $80.00
    - ​Acknowledgement Cards (per 50) - $25.00
  6. Clergy/Lead Car (Mandatory if a procession is requested) - $65.00
  7. Additional Cemetery Equipment - $275 (Includes a tent, chairs, lowering device, placer, and greens)
  8. Additional Mileage outside Genesee County - $1.50/mile calculated from the County Line to destination AND return.
  9. Temporary Grave Marker - $20.00
  10. Monument Marking - $200 (minimum)

Funeral Services and Calling Hours will be scheduled no earlier than 9 a.m. and no later than 2 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturdays.  NO Sunday Funerals are permitted.