Traditional Options for Burial, Funeral, and Cremation in Oakfield, NY

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When it comes to making death care arrangements like funeral and cremation in Oakfield, NY, there are quite a few ways to customize the services to fit the needs of your circumstances. These events can be designed in a more traditional fashion or with more modern service options. Laying a loved one to rest can be done in comforting ways to help honor the memory of the deceased and hold space for healing experiences for surviving relations.

Both funeral services and burial services are good examples of this. These services can be planned with many events. These may include a viewing or funeral wake where the casketed remains can be displayed for the public or shielded behind a closed lid or shroud. It can help bring closure and activate the support network that can be so helpful to those who are mourning this loss. Close relatives typically receive the visitors at this meeting who come to say goodbye to the departed and express their condolences and deepest sympathies to survivors.

After the viewing event, the funeral service comes next. This service can be brief or a bit more extended. A celebrant or speaker/presenter may review the life of the departed. If desired, a clergyman or woman could officiate the service. Funerals offer a time of reflection and introspection that may assist mourners in their healing journeys. Once the funeral is finished, the group may adjourn to a nearby cemetery or burial park to see the placement of the remains at the gravesite that will be the final resting place.

Burial services usually refer to a ceremony held at the burial ground. This style of honoring ceremony can be an abbreviated form of the funeral service if desired. As for placement solutions, burial might be arranged with above-ground or above-ground entombment with funeral crypts, mausoleums, or earthen burial plots. The availability of these options will depend on the site you select for the burial to occur. It is worth noting that cremated remains can also be buried if wanted.

Adaptable Options for Green Burial, Funeral and Cremation in Oakfield, NY

Cremation services offer some flexibility to final arrangements when needed. Cremation is a procedure that takes care of the deceased remains respectfully and health-consciously. This is completed by securely burning the body to reduce it to basic elements. The resulting remnants after cremation are called ashes. They consist of granularized dried bone fragments left after all of the soft tissues have been consumed in the cremation furnace chambers.

Services for both a funeral and cremation in Oakfield, NY, might be paired together for one individual if that will best meet your family's needs. A full funerary service can be held with the remains prepared and kept in a clean, rented casket. After the ceremonies are complete, the body can receive the cremation service. Some families select cremation because the final placement of the ashes can be handled in different ways than simple burial if desired. For example, the cremains may be kept at home or scattered in a natural setting.

Green burials offer a more natural approach to the final disposition arrangements. Certified green burial grounds have many regulations that must be fully adhered to for burial to occur. No embalming of the remains and fully biodegradable burial clothing and casings are examples of the requirements that could be enforced. Many mainstream cemeteries that are not certified create areas to support individuals and families looking for more natural burial options

Honoring Your Veteran

When your needs include the honors due to a veteran, your funerary experts can help you navigate and arrange these services with the most profound respect and the least amount of added stress. Working with a firm with the knowledge base of the kinds of services available and the ability to help you file the necessary paperwork can be very simple for you to arrange.

Because these honors should only be offered for those who have given this esteemed and selfless service to their country, the appropriate documentation to verify eligibility will be needed to secure these meaningful and poignant service additions. Your veteran can be honored even if burial in a military cemetery is not a desirable outcome for your circumstances. These services can add great meaning and reverence to your selected final arrangements. 

Select a Provider with A Full Range of Experience and Service Options

H.E. Turner Funeral Homes has been serving families in the surrounding areas with services related to funeral and cremation in Oakfield, NY, dating back more than a century. To give yourself the highest levels of support and the whole range of service options, work with this respected and experienced full-service funerary and cremation provider. You can trust the experience and compassion you will find with our caring directors and staff.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  • What Factors Influence a Person's Decision to Choose Cremation over Traditional Burial?
    There are a number of factors that can influence a person's decision to choose cremation over traditional burial. Some people choose cremation because it is more practical. Cremation doesn’t require a casket or embalming, Also, depending on the family, it doesn’t require a burial or cemetery. That’s why they believed to be more environmentally. Finally, some people simply prefer the idea of cremation over traditional burial as they can scatter the ashes or keep the ashes in an urn and keep them memorialized in their homes.

  • What Happens to the Ashes After Cremation?
    Depending on the family, the disposition of the ashes can greatly vary. Many families prefer to scatter the ashes in a memorable place for their loved ones. Other families prefer to keep them in an urn and store them in a safe and special place. There are also families who prefer to bury the ashes (with or without the urn) – the decision is totally up to the family. You can check here if you’re interested in precious memory keepsakes.

  • How Long Does It Take for the Ashes to be Returned After Cremation?
    It generally takes about two to three weeks for the ashes to be returned after cremation. However, the time it takes to receive the ashes may depend on the crematorium and how busy they are. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the funeral home or crematorium directly. Although the cremation process doesn’t take that long, the necessary paperwork can take up more time.

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